“Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.”
-William Butler Yeats

“Idleness is to the human mind like rust to iron.”
-Ezra Cornell

“Every success begins with a decision to try…”

“As a child I was very into gadgets and machines and robots. The idea of experimenting with machines to create art was always something I tinkered with.”
– Reggie Watts

Metal Shop at the Open Bench Project

• Maximat Lathe and tooling
• Bridgeport Kneemill
• Lincoln Electric MIG Welder
• Everlast TIG Welder
• Bench Grinder 1 Delta 6″
• Bench Grinder 2 Ryobi 6″
• Bench Grinder 3 Skil 6″
• Bench Grinder 4 Craftsman 6″
• Casting Furnace
• 4.5″ Horizontal Bandsaw
• FingerBrake/ Roller
• Metal Shear
• Welding Tables
• Bench Vise
• Drill Press
• Arbor Press


• Hairpin Legs
• Steel Furniture
• Forged sculpture
• Shelving brackets
• Motorcycle modification
• Lamps
• Custom Tools
• Steel Gate
• Smoker oven
• Moster bicycles
• Architectural Metal work
• New tracks for your 18’tall
fully armored, submersible,
multimodal Mech Suit
• and much much more

Sam Foster, Member at the Open Bench Project

“Working with metal requires equipment that more often than not creates a lot of noise, sparks, and fire. The Open Bench is the one large space I’ve found in Portland where I am able to continue my work.”
-Sam Foster

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