Does my membership include the use of the tools?

Yes, although you will be required to take a safety orientation first.

What if I want to show the OBP or my work to my friends who are in town? What if they want to work on a project with me at the OBP, can we do that?

You can most certainly bring friend by the shop to show them the space. We appreciate and understand that you are proud of being a member. If your family or friends want to work on a project with you, they or you will need to get them a day use punch card. You can get one of these by sending us a note to info@OBPortland.org.

If I have a project and need some help, is there someone at the OBP who can help me?

Lots of the OBP members like to get involved in various projects. We currently do not offer physical help on projects but we are always willing to provide guidance, inspiration and feedback.

What if I have a project that I don’t want to carry in and carry out every time I use the Bench, can I leave my stuff there?

The OBP does offer exclusive use storage/studio space ranging from 2’x2’ shelf space to 9’x12’ floor space. We have a limited supply of these so let us know and we’ll see what is currently available.

I really like the OBP but don’t have a specific project. Is there a support option?

Yeah, there are lots of ways to get involved in and support the OBP. You can learn more about those options here.

I’d love to get more involved but can’t afford a membership right now. Can I volunteer at the Bench to help off set my membership costs?

We do have a few shop monitor positions available, please contact us at info@OBPortland.org for more information.

If I get my spouse a membership will they get their tools out of our garage?

We can’t guarantee it, but we like to think so…

How come my spouse is always at the OBP? Is there a support group for those married to members?

Well, OBP is a great place, and we have a great community. We do occasionally tell people that they should leave so that they can come back…Although, we have gotten some of the spouses together we can’t comment about the rumors of an official group.

Can I build a robot there?


Can I build a table there?


Can my kids learn to weld?


Can I learn to do programming?


Can I…?

Yes, you can.

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