“No matter how much you cut off, it doesn’t get any longer.”


“Lack of equipment is a rookie excuse.”
-Mario Batali


“Man is a tool-using animal. Nowhere do you find him without tools; without tools he is nothing, with tools he is all.”
– Thomas Carlyle


Don’t throw that away! I think I can make something out of it.”

Wood Shop at the Open Bench Project

• Bosch 10″ Compound Sliding Miter Saw
• Delta 10″ Table Saw
• Rikon 14″ Band Saw
• Grizzley 14″ Band Saw
• Grizzley 20″ Helical Head Planer
• WoodTek 8″ Jointer
• Nova 16″ Wood Lathe
• Craftsman Wood Lathe
• Porter Cable Floor Mount Drill Press
• Reliant Table Top Drill Press
• Reliant Table Top Mortiser
• Bosch Router Station
• Hitachi Scroll Saw
• Homemade 48″x48″ Gantry Style CNC
• Inventibles 30″x30″ X-Carve CNC
• Porter Cable Disk/Belt Sanding Station
• Clamp Rack
• Cordless Drills
• Biscuit Joiner
• Dremel Tools
• Belt Sander
• Bench Vise


• Simple Boxes
• Puzzle Boxes
• Picture Frames
• Cutting Boards
• Chairs
• Stools
• Tables
• Ipad Dock
• Wooden Bowls
• Wooden Spoons
• Serving Trays
• Cutting Boards
• Wooden Rings
• Cabinets
• Door Repair
• Wine Rack
• Door Mat
• Tool Box
• Hand Carved Scale Replica of
the Vasa: The swedish double decker war
ship which sank in Stockholm Harbor in 1628.
• Bird House

John Coleman, Member at the Open Bench Project

“It’s great to have access to such a wide range of tools and equipment without having to purchase them yourself. It just makes good sense.”
-John Coleman

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