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Last week, I was lucky enough to give a tour of the space to a group of youths from a local school. They were off for a day of adventure visiting places and meeting “Self Made Makers”. Frankly, I was flattered. We spoke at length about what we hope to accomplish at the site and the kids had lots of great questions. “Will I be able to get a membership here and come down with my Dad?” one asked. “Yes” I replied. “Do you accept Donations?” another inquired. “Well… sure, what do you have?” I stammered.

They had a lot of good energy and lots of good questions. One had a business he wanted to start and others had some great initial ideas about a way to clean up car exhaust.

As they left for the rest of their day I thanked them all for giving me such a great feeling of hope and confidence.
Thanks kids! You were awesome!