It’s an all-American weekend as we remember and honor members of our military. Filled with outdoor BBQs, time with friends, and patriotic parades, Memorial Day Weekend not only kicks off summer, but pays tribute to the service men and women who have courageously risked or given their lives for what is right.

As we look forward to a long weekend of festivities, we’d like to take a moment to honor their courage and thank them for setting an example to live by. While courage at The Open Bench Project isn’t about facing bullets or a matter of life and death, it’s about doing things that are difficult and possibly frightening. It’s about taking chances and facing the possibility of failure… and then facing it again. Courage at The Open Bench Project is often found when people try ideas and aren’t sure they will work, but they believe they should try. It is found when someone says, “This should be different.” It’s found when they then change it. Courage is when someone says, “I don’t know how to do that,” but, then, go on to find out. It’s when people make friends with strangers and nurture old friendships. It’s everything in between. Courage at The Open Bench project is supporting one anther’s ideas. It’s giving feedback and listening to constructive suggestions. It’s putting yourself out there.

We so admire the members and veterans of our military services and hope to foster their example of courage in our own day-to-day lives at The Open Bench Project. May you have the courage to bring your ideas into reality, to think critically, to make a difference in the world. May you find the confidence to create and enjoy life in a curious, supportive environment like The Open Bench Project. May you have the sureness of knowing that you will succeed when you put aside the fear of failure.

Thank you, again, to the members of our military for your dedication, commitment and the example you set. We are truly grateful. Wishing you all a wonderful and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

And then some,

Your Friends @ OBP