At our meeting on Tuesday, we successfully installed the main Landing Gear and the Nose Gear on to the air-frame. We ran into a couple of small problems, which were quickly and easily resolved. The screws for the landing gear were slightly long, so Larry cut them and we reversed the bolts so that the heads of the bolts were on the outside, purely for aerodynamic concern. The wheels were not spinning very well, so we left a very small space when we set the outside collars on the wheel axels so that the wheels would spin with ease, which is crucial for takeoff. Next, we attached the motor mount to our motor and prepped it for our next meeting. For now, we decided to store the plane by wrapping it in its original plastic wrapper and put a couple of rubber bands around it so that dust would not get into the air-frame, and we cut out holes for the landing gear and for the nose gear.