The Open Bench Team reports:

We covered many design elements in this meeting regarding how we would go about wiring and mounting all of the electrical components throughout the airframe.




We are considering changing / upgrading  some of our parts, mainly the ESC/SBEC, and once again we discussed the never ending battery and weight issue. Another consideration is in the way the tail servos are mounted. The manual says to  directly attach the “Tailplane servos” to the inside wing surface using an epoxy glue, or double-sided tape, whereas the aileron and the flap servos in the main wings would be screwed to small hard wood blocks glued to cover plate and then this is mounted in place with screws .  We decided that it would be more beneficial in the long-run to attach the Tailplane servos using the same set up as in the main wings, even though it will require a bit of extra work to cut out and glue the  hard wood mounts. We ended our meeting with a discussion on how to start programming the pixhawk firmware, because there is no specific existing firmware for our model aircraft.

Drone on!