“We all want to go the right way.”

On the surface this statement seems obviously true.
So let’s break it down a bit…


We can think of this as two separate ideas.

“…The right way”, this is by far the trickiest part of the statement because it needs a little qualification. With out taking the time to fully articulate what you are trying to achieve, it is easy to get lost. “The right way for what?”  Does “right” mean…right for me, right for you, right for us, or right for them? By taking the time to clearly explain your goals and objectives, you make it much easier to find the “way”.

The other part of that statement is that, “We all want to go…” We can’t just sit and plan forever. Focusing too much on that far away goal in an attempt to understand the right way undermines the trust we need to have in ourselves that we can adjust underway. Even if you start in completely the wrong direction, it only takes one move to turn your self around.
The trick is to take one step and then look up, check in on your goal, then take another step.
Know your goal… find your path.
Let’s go.