Give a gift from the heart this holiday season by hand crafting something unique, something fun, something completely unexpected.  We found this “DIY Metal Motorcycle Sculpture” project from “Instructables” member “Southpaw Sculptures” and thought we’d pass it along for inspiration!

Step One:  Gather Your Materials

  • Soldering gun – The maker used a Bernzomatic mini butane torch that was relatively inexpensive at a local hardware store and comes with additional pieces
  • Solder- Tip:  make sure it’s the kind to use with metal
  • Metal hardware pieces- Tip:  stop by a local hardware store and select custom-picked pieces from the loose hardware aisle
  • Metal rods- Tip:  these are also available at the local hardware store

Supplies for project Supplies for project Supplies for project

Step Two:  Building the Front

The maker started with the front tire using a nut, some long screws and other metal pieces that were bent to make handle bars. If using the suggested soldering gun, makeBuilding the front sure to use the torch part with the open flame. It may be challenging to get the tips made for soldering hot enough to melt the metal solder – be patient, though!  A bit of trial and error may be necessary.

Step Three:  Making the Frame

Cut two equal pieces of the rods with a tiny saw or metal cutters.

Next, take pliers and bend the frame so that each side looks the same.

There should be a slight bend in the back where the back wheel axel connects on a motorcycle, then a 2.25 inch long straight section for the body, and then a 1.5 inch bend where the frame will connect up under the handlebars. (Tip:  These need to bend in slightly to form a triangle shape when meeting up at the handlebars.)

Building the frameWeld each part onto a side of the back wheel and the connect them up at the handlebars. The maker’s bike frame is only about a half an inch wide.

Step Four:  Adding the Mechanics

This is the fun part of making the gift!  Add the pieces selected from the hardware store and make it look like a motorcycle!  Add personal touches that will make the gift all the more sentimental for the lucky recipient.

The maker suggests:

  • Two large springs side by side for the engine
  • Two nuts with a cool design on the end
  • A cable clamp connector
  • Two metal shelf holder inserts for the foot pedals
  • One small nut laying on top of the cable clamp and designed nuts to make a flat area for the seat to rest on

Mechanics Mechanics Mechanics Mechanics




Step Five:  Finishing Touches

The maker applied woodcarving skills to complete the fuel tank and the seat.  Basswood was the wood of choice, though other hardware options would suffice.  The wood pieces provide a rustic industrial look to your motorcycle sculpture.  (Tip:  Rub mineral oil on the wood lightly to bring out a richer color.)

For more information about this gift idea project or to contact the maker directly, click here.  Looking for other gift ideas to make this holiday season?  Here are a few helpful resources:

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Have fun!  We wish you a wonderful holiday season – full of making, giving, and spreading joy.

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Your friends @ OBP

*This project was shared and adapted with permission from the original maker.  Thanks to Mariela Fuson for her great ideas!