You never know where you'll end up.

You never know where you’ll end up.

A recent interview with Karen Wallingford has reminded me of the importance of exploring. While we often find our selves chasing down ideas that we think are appropriate solutions, it is often the things that we stumble upon along the way which lead to the greatest insights.

“You never know where you’ll end up…” Wallingford explains.

Karen works as a tutor, and instructor for FLL. (FIRST Lego League), where she helps kids explore by building with Lego Robotics. She is amazed at the work her students come up with. “The kids really teach me a lot…” she told me during a recent discussion at The Breakwater School’s “How-to Festival”.

For Karen the value of the Open Bench is the cross collaboration that can exist when you have many different disciplines working together under the same roof. Whether kids, professionals, scientists, artist, entrepreneurs, or Tinkerers each view is important because it is not your own and as such offers valuable new perspectives. Fresh perspectives + new ideas. Maybe they will lead you to a dead-end and will only offer you a break from your work, but maybe just maybe to will lead you to a breakthrough of your own.

So let’s Join Karen for a little bit and see what is out there, Let’s spend a little more time listening and less talking.