According to Health.com, there are studies that show eating together as a family provides tremendous benefits.  While it’s often a luxury to all be in the same place at the same time with today’s busy lifestyles, the article definitely provided some food for thought.

For example, the author explained that by spending time together as a family, both kids and adults are more likely to expand their palates and try new things.  The article also explained that there is a positive correlation between sharing time together as a family around the dinner table and then going on to trying new, exciting activities.

Other reported benefits included learning how much or how little to take, expanding one’s vocabulary and knowledge, and saving money.  Referenced studies from this article also showed that the risk of depression and unhealthy risk taking lowers when families engage in quality time together.  It almost goes without saying that this time is also an incredible (and proven) stress reliever.

I can’t help but think about how we could easily substitute “The Open Bench Project” for “dinner table” in this article. We’re family at the OBP and we come together to try new things, expand our palates, to learn from each other, to offer support, to save a little money when we share tools and resources, and to relieve a little (or a lot!) of stress.

So, this is an invitation. We’re pulling out a seat for you. It’s a great big table.  There are a lot of places for people to sit. You’re not alone. We’ve certainly got a lot more room for a lot more people. Let’s eat!

And then some,

Your Friends @ OBP