Every April we celebrate Earth Day and it’s a glorious reminder to recycle, reuse, and reduce! . Here at The Open Bench Project, that’s practically second nature.  We pride ourselves in taking whatever we can get our hands on and turning it into something, if even just a learning opportunity. While it is now already May, we also believe that is never too late to get started. For now, we’ll share one of our favorite recycled lighting projects that might make for a fun activity this week.

Low Cost LightingWith permission from our good friends over at Instructables.com, we’re happy to share a low cost recycled lighting project.  Throw in a CFL or an LED lightbulb and you’ll maximize your results.

Scrap wood…it’s everywhere. And it’s amazing just what you can create with it!

Step 1: Collect Your Scrap Wood Stash

We started with an idea in the head…no drawings, just a hope that it would turn out how we envisioned. So we set about making one side with scrap wood, wood glue, and clamps, and nails. Nope…we didn’t even have a nail gun yet!

Step 2: Side 1

We kept on adding until we were happy with the result for side 1 for our lighting project.  Remember that you will be hanging a bulb in the middle, so you’ll want to make the sides equal in length and allow for enough width to give the bulb space.Low Cost Lighting

Step 3: 4 Sides

And we continued until we had 4 sides made. Now the trick is getting them together. It took the 2 of us to put it together. Pick up sides 1 and 2 and screw them together at the join where they meet. Then continue with each side that way.

Low Cost LightingStep 4: Close-up!

Take a look at each side and make sure they are securely joined.  Test at a low height prior to hanging.

Step 5: In Situ

Be prepared for the wow factor!  It’s absolutely stunning to see the final lighting product!  Low Cost Lighting

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” -John Muir

This particular piece now hangs in a sustainable reuse interior design project – a multi-use conference room for the City of Gothenburg (Sweden).

Low Cost Lighting

And then some,

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