A lot has been happening at the Open Bench Project lately. We have continued to build out our space with new equipment, including a laser cutter, TIG welder and large format printer.  We have also acquired several new active members who are charging in with a burst of creative energy. We are updating our website, planning more classes,  and working on expanding into a new larger space on Thompson Point!


In response to this recent activity and projected growth we have put together a crack team that is working together to propel OBP into the stratosphere of its potential. And so, it is our pleasure to introduce:



Studio Session-014

Jake Ryan – Founder & Director

A familiar face around OBP, Jake has been the heart and soul of the shop. His vision, courage and determination have built a community which extends beyond the walls of OBP. He is first and foremost an educator. His passion is to foster success in others. He is also a designer, maker and artist. He works tirelessly to promote OBP, bring together the right people to make things happen and has awesome nunchucking skills.



Marc Foster – Steward of the Bench

Marc is a critical member of the OBP team and has been as long as anyone. If we could clone any OBP member it would be Marc. He is always willing to chat, help others, and is willing to take the initiative to own and address any issue at the Bench. He has a strong background in computer science, loves to watch Youtube videos and has taken apart more than his fair share of microwaves.


Studio Session-005

Jacob Perry – Program Director

The newest member of the team Jacob is a force to be reckoned with. Jacob is the brains behind all of our classes, workshops and events. He is a 3d printer virtuoso, is pursuing a degree in computer science and chooses fish tacos…hands down.


Studio Session-030

Jonathan Novak – Creative Director

Jon is an artist and freelance designer. He has been applying his genius to establish the OBP brand and is responsible for all of the content that OBP produces, be it written or visual. His personal work focuses on creating connections between people. He is insatiably curious, is always trying new things, and secretly does a great impression of Mufasa.


Studio Session-054

Mat O’Brien – Shop Manager

Mat is a builder extraordinaire. He is responsible for keeping the shop and its equipment running at full capacity and has played a huge role in improving the quality of our workshops. Mat is an artist, owns O’Brien Wood & Iron and as a teen was the lead singer in the punk rock band “The Afflicted”.


Together, along with all of our current members, we are building a fun place for you to realize your vision, connect with other creators, and seize the opportunity to succeed.

What will you make?