Top Ten Things to Do at OBP

There’s something about summer that brings about a new energy, an extra bounce in our step, a fresh sentiment of fun. The warm sun, the hot sand on the beaches, the sea breeze. Drinks on the patio, BBQs on the weekend, s’mores over the campfire… It’s the perfect combination to put a smile on our faces and let stress roll off our shoulders. It’s also the perfect time to be inspired and to let our curiosity run wild at the Open Bench Project. Let’s explore ideas, hone and learn new skills, and collaborate with thought partners across disciplines.

Still need some motivation?! Check out our top 10 things to do this summer at OBP:

10. Practice using a jigsaw, circular saw, miter saw, drill, brad nailer and kreg jig.  

9. Learn about the mysterious process of welding with Jake and don’t forget to ask about his nunchucking skills.

8. Master prototyping, toy making and tinkering in our 3D Printing class.

7. Cut a mortise and tenon joint and go home with a wooden mallet.

6. Open up a huge world of possibilities of how to improve your woodworking projects on the CNC table.

5. Build a robotic arm using servos, arduinos, and your own basic software to control your creation. 

4. Prepare a piece of rough lumber for your woodworking project.

3. Play in The Sandbox.

2. Forge a sculpture.

1. Meet some darned good people.

The list doesn’t stop there, of course, and we’re not just busy during the summer.  Our calendar goes year-round!  Want to stay up to date on other great things to do at The Open Bench Project?  Click here and bookmark the page.  See you there!

And then some,

Your Friends @ OBP